Upgrading our on-site fuel management system!

Miniclipper Logistics is always looking for new ways to innovate, and as a business with substantial growth plans, we must be efficient, sustainable, and competitive in our market.

As such, we have invested in an additional 40,000 litre fuel tank for our on-site fuel management system which allows us to track, purchase and dispense our own fuel. The leading independent fuel and lubricant distribution in the UK for both domestic and commercial customers, Certas Energy installed the new equipment at our Distribution Centre in Leighton Buzzard earlier this month.

This system has many benefits to businesses in the logistics industry; it enables real time fuel consumption data and is convenient and simple for a fleet that is housed in one central location to be fuelled up before commencing their daily journeys! This not only reduces operating costs but improves the productivity of our fleet and eliminates driver downtime!

For further information on Miniclipper or if you would like to speak to a member of the Sales Team to discuss your logistics requirements, please contact us at sales@miniclipper.co.uk or 01525 244700. We’d be delighted to arrange a convenient time to talk with you!