Miniclipper invests in new health and safety reporting software, RiskEx – AssessNET

Earlier this year, Miniclipper invested in leading health and safety software, RiskEx – AssessNET. This system educates our employees about safety and legal compliance whilst creating a robust culture of compliant working practices, leading to reduced risks and lower costs.

Its easy to use framework is based around customisable reporting templates, which can be rolled out across the business to ensure we are all working to the same processes, procedures, and standards; an important feature in our multi-site operation.

Fully scalable to adapt to our business needs and accessible via phone, tablet, or desktop, AssessNET enables the user to record, analyse, inform, escalate and take appropriate action in all health and safety matters.  In line with our business objective to evolve all our systems into ‘real-time’ reporting, AssessNET uploads data instantly with live reporting, date and time-stamped, building an audit trail of every action. Hazard spots and risk assessments can now be uploaded by all employees at newly installed kiosks at all rest areas creating opportunities for quick remedial action, reducing duplication of work, and empowering our employees to be actively engaged in promoting health and safety within the workplace.

AssessNET has been instrumental during these challenging times with their free COVID-19 Health Assessment system. We can now monitor the health status of our employees in real-time, via email. The assessment takes 30 seconds and results are displayed on a real-time dashboard, visible to selected personnel only. It’s easy to use and it’s also FREE to every UK business.